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I am Sarah the creator of all things Comtesse de Marliave. my jewelry has history. We all have a history, so why shouldn't your ring? In addition each peice is unique, just like you! If you are a returning customer, welcome back, if you may be a new costomer, welcome feel free to browse and check out my offers in the what's happening section. If you have any questions click on the email links below.

What's Happening


 Here is what's happening,   In this section is my offer to you, as a unique person. Some metal I buy (from a recycled dealer) some I salvage and some i'm given. Yes that's right, people give me gold and silver items that are broken or damaged and I give them money off the next order so I can offer you the same conditions. In addition, I know that you will love and cherish your purchased items so to keep you as a valued customer, I will offer a year of free postage , right from your first purchase, I will pay packaging on any other orders you place in the first year. WHY would I do this, you might say?  Well as I said I want t keep you as a customer.  I am a acredited artisan, that meens many hours at my work bench and not so many, out on the promotion bandwagon. So I like to keep my customers and, keep them happy.  


This is the gallery of available, one of a kind, statement jewellery Each piece is unique and hand crafted, Thank you for taking the time to brows my shop, Together we are forging a better future !

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Free printable ring sizer, to help when searching for a gift or for your own forever ring. All you need to do is click on the envelope bellow and I will send your free copy

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The topsy turvy world of Hand made truths.


Well it's all about the personal attention and love that artisans infuse into their work with each piece that they create.  By definition, handmade jewelry is  made by the “hands” and never mass produced by machines in factories... 

Fashion eco responsable


With recycling, what comes first, the design or the materials?


All of the materials here have either been redesigned from scrap or are left over materials. At Comtesse de Marliave designs happen when...


Past projects

Or visit some of my past projects of contemporary jewellery

Curiousity Killed the Cat!

Toulouse-based Sarah,  found a way to express her creative inclinations in a sustainable way after falling in love with enamels. 'I wanted to do something with enamel as it was a huge facination for me but also incorporate it into my renovation and up cycling projects I was working on'. 


Creation has always been Sarah's passion, and found that even when working in the corporate world,  she channeled it through creative thinking. Now based in France and raising her young family she was looking for something meaningful that she could do with all the fabrics and materials that are being thrown away and started a project along these lines.  


 Since then Sarah has spent much time teaching herself enameling and metal smithing and has been awarded the tital Artisan d'art after her years of hard work 


 Whilst she was drawn to the imaginative possibilities of jewelry, she was disillusioned by industry standards that turned a blind eye to the harmful, widespread effects of mining. So, before she  launched her buisness, she was committed to doing things better — for the earth, the people her customers, and then, in turn, her business.


As time goes on Sarah finds more ways to incorporate the pre-used metals and other materials to create magnificent jewelry and other items. 


Accepting  all this waste in our lives is no longer an option for Sarah so she strives each day to create unique statement jewelry and objects through unloved items and recycled metals

And Remember ...

Choose Recycled Precious Metals and other objects to Protect the Environment and Reduce Demand for mining and waste.

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 Do you have ideas you would like to discuss? Or maybe you have some questions about my work, if you click on my email below, I'd be happy to talk with you.

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