The topsy turvy world of Hand made truths.

Well it's all about the personal attention and love that artisans infuse into their work with each piece that they create. By definition, handmade jewelry is made by the “hands” and never mass produced by machines in factories. A maker will spend weeks workin on a piece whereas a factory can churn hundreds out in seconds. Hand made creators will invest time in creating new designs, something new, ensuring you get a really special unique piece of jewelry. Spending so much time through design and creation the maker will become somewhat attached to the piece. Jewelry Makers are often dedicated to sustainability and ethically sourced metals and materials. But being ethical can be much more costly than purchasing from a dealer with low prices.Along with all of the extra values attached above in your handmade jewelry you are also buying a truly one-of-a-kind product. Even if the handmade piece is part of an edition – no maker creates two pieces that are exactly identical. You are the only person with that specific piece of jewelry and isn't that worth it?.