With recycling, what comes first, the design or the materials? All of the materials here have either been redesigned from scrap or are left over materials. At Comtesse de Marliave designs happen when the materials are gathered together and then the ideas spring to life on to paper and then through to the finished article. When designing from scraps the ideas usually come from the material itself creating even more 'No Waste' products. Designing firstly with sketch leaves you with no...

Industrial Jewelry

Crackle technique. There are many ways in the enamelling process to create special effects in the glass powder during the firing process the two most common are ‘Separation’ or ‘Crackling’.
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Coming Soon in Toulouse! Coming soon to the shop will be jewellery collection called Secret Whispers. All women, in my eyes are strong and independent and sometimes adding a little ’kinky’ make being a woman a lot more fun. Having said that, Kinky can range from mild to the extreme. Here at Comtesse de Marliave we are touching on the mild light side that can be slotted easily into modern life. Fun for the wearer is forever at the heart of our creations. With the secret Whispers line, we...

Sustainable shopping recognises that everything we buy has health, environmental and social impact. It is no longer possible to live in a world full of waste. More and more shops are recognising the need for reduction of packaging but not many are reusing materials for the creation of new items. At Comtesse de Marliave our silks are preloved, they are handpicked and cleaned in order to be able to reuse the materials for our creations. The process can be long but even the smallest gestures can...

Saint Valantine is fast approaching, accepting specialised orders for beautiful hand made enamel objects. Send me a message and we can chat

International shipping available now for all creations hand made by comtesse de Marliave. fait main and using recycled materials straight from Mondonville France to your door via international shipping. Quality items guarenteed delivery of your artisanal creations

Creation artisanal de bijoux toulouse, fait main, local, upcycling, recycled, handmade, unique collection of crafty goods and artwear. Unique designed FunkY Junk for fun wearable youngsters, you can stack them up or just wear one. Each one uniquly different

Seperation technique, this is a technique that rips through the different layers of the enamels. This is usually achived combining transparent and opeque enamels