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Well it's all about the personal attention and love that artisans infuse into their work with each piece that they create. By definition, handmade jewelry is made by the “hands” and never mass produced by machines in factories. A maker will spend weeks workin on a piece whereas a factory can churn hundreds out in seconds. Hand made creators will invest time in creating new designs, something new, ensuring you get a really special unique piece of jewelry. Spending so much time through design...

With recycling, what comes first, the design or the materials? All of the materials here have either been redesigned from scrap or are left over materials. At Comtesse de Marliave designs happen when the materials are gathered together and then the ideas spring to life on to paper and then through to the finished article. When designing from scraps the ideas usually come from the material itself creating even more 'No Waste' products. Designing firstly with sketch leaves you with no...

Industrial Jewelry

Crackle technique. There are many ways in the enamelling process to create special effects in the glass powder during the firing process the two most common are ‘Separation’ or ‘Crackling’.
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Seperation technique, this is a technique that rips through the different layers of the enamels. This is usually achived combining transparent and opeque enamels